This advent calendar is becoming the highlight of every day this December! As much as I love getting a little chocolate treat every day, there’s something much more luxurious about having a new skincare treat to pamper yourself with in this long, cold month. I’ve opened a few more boxes in my Kiehls 2022 Advent Calendar so it’s time to share with you the products I’ve received.

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If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I suffer with eczema and super sensitive skin, so skincare is a massive (and expensive) love of mine. I love finding new products that will help soothe my skin and for about 10 years or so I’ve been a huge fan of Kiehls products. The first Kiehls product to steal my heart was their Ultra Moisturising Cream, this cult favourite is my secret weapon to banishing dull, dry and irritated skin in winter and all year long. It is even a favourite amongst the likes of Kim Kardashian who uses this cream as a make-up primer! Despite my long-reigning love for Kiehls, there are still many products I haven’t yet tried so when my boyfriend surprised me with the Kiehls 2022 Advent Calendar, I was over the moon! Finally, a chance to sample all of the top Kiehls products and find some new favourites to add to my skincare routine.

The Kiehls 2022 Advent Calendar is well-priced at just £99 – this may seem excessive for an advent calendar but when you consider all the goodies hiding inside, it is well worth the money!

Find out the fantastic products I received in days 1-3, here!

Day 4 – Midnight Recovery Concentrate 4ml

Yes, yes, yes. My all-time favourite nighttime oil. It’s not just the magnificent scent of the magical essential oils in this product, but the effect it has on my skin just overnight. I have been using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate for about 10 years now and I swear by it. My full-size bottle has actually just run out, so I’m hoping this sample will see me through the next few weeks as I’ve asked for another bottle for Christmas!

The full size 50ml bottle of this costs £57. I can confirm that it lasts so long though, the last bottle of this I had lasted just under a year with daily use! Well worth the price tag.

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is infused with pure essential oils and distilled botanicals and their new formula now contains Passionflower. This is the perfect concoction to soak into your skin overnight and even after just one application will help to smooth your skin’s appearance, visibly reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and boost your skin’s radiance. This product is best used overnight as this is when your skin naturally repairs itself. This concentrate gives your skin the helping hand it needs to replenish and invigorate your skin ready for morning.

Day 5- Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil 40ml

Woohoo, we are fully on the Midnight Recovery hype train this week. This advent calendar is the gift that keeps on giving (lol cringe) and I am very happy about this! I’ve used this cleansing oil before and remember liking it! I think i used it when my eczema was flared though so I didn’t reap the full benefits of the ingredients. I can’t wait to try this again and see how it reacts with my skin now.

The full size 175ml bottle of this costs £35 and again is suitable for all skin types. This product is infused with essential oils and effectively melts away even the hardest to remove makeup. Massage into dry skin and when emulsified with water it transforms into a luxurious cleansing milk that gently removes makeup without over-drying the skin.

Day 6 – Super Multi-Corrective Cream 7ml

OOOh this is the first day in a while that I’ve been surprised with a product I haven’t tried before. This is an anti-aging cream and is said to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Ingredients include, a trio of PhytoMimetic Vitamin A, ProxylaneGX and Chaga Mushroom. Very interesting. I’ve used anti-wrinkle eye creams before but have never tried an all over face & neck anti-wrinkle cream but, I suppose it’s never too soon to start!

The full size 75ml tub of this cream will set you back £75, and according to Kiehls over 96% of people agreed their fine lines and wrinkles were reduced after 12 weeks of continuous use.

This cream aims to visibly reduce 7 key signs of ageing, boost elasticity, increase glow and evening skin tone making your skin appear firm, lifted and radiant! What more could you want.

Day 7 – Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream 7ml

We all know by now how big a fan I am of the Ultra Facial Moisturiser so I’m guessing this is similar to that. This states it is best suited to normal to oily skin, which I don’t have. I’m not sure if I will be the best person to review this product as I have skin as dry as the Sahara haha – I might give this to my boyfriend to try and see what he thinks!

The full size 125ml tub of this cream costs £49.50 – I think this is just a smidge cheaper than their Ultra Facial Moisturiser.

For all you oily skin people out there, moisturiser is still super important to your daily skincare routine! This lightweight moisturiser is oil and alcohol-free and sinks into your skin leaving your face feeling refreshed, invigorated and shine-free. Over time, this cream also helps to visibly minimise pores.

Day 8 – Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask 5g

Another new product! I’ve never tried this one before but I have tried the creamy avocado eye cream from the same range and love it. I have high hopes for this one.

I can’t seem to find this on the Kiehls website and I’m hoping that doesn’t mean they’ve discontinued it! I have found it on the Boots website where you can find the full size 100ml tub for £38.

This super rich, hydrating facemask is infused with avocado fruit extract, evening primrose oil and avocado oil. The perfect mix for a highly nourishing pamper that will leave your face moisturised, smooth and healthy.

And that’s a wrap! For now. 8 days of fabulous skincare products. I can’t wait to update you all with how these new products react with my skin. Stay tuned for the next few days of the Kiehls Advent Calendar 2022 unboxing! Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this post? Which is your fave? Let me know in the comments!

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