Hi! I’m Lucy and welcome to my blog,

I’ve been talking myself into doing this for a lot longer than I want to admit. Being trapped in the throes of lockdown I have decided to finally take the plunge and start writing about everything that interests me.

I love writing about the highs and lows of adulthood, post-graduation life and trying to find my place in the world.

This blog will hopefully be a place to help me do that, and you if you like that sort of thing!

After graduating from university 2 years ago I have felt lost creatively and professionally. I have always loved writing and enjoy telling a story – even if I waffle a lot! Throughout the past 2 years especially I have found a lot of comfort in reading other peoples musings about life in your 20’s.

I want my little corner of the internet to be a safe space for those looking for someone to relate to. I’ll also write about a few things personal to me that people may gain some comfort from, including living with eczema.

To lighten the mood I’ll share my favourite beauty bits, fashion bits and lifestyle bits you can hopefully take some inspiration from!

When I’m not writing or thinking about writing you can find me drinking tea with my boyfriend on our balcony in Edinburgh, trying to keep up with my goal of running a 5km everyday or reading ghost stories online.

If you want to know any more or just fancy a chat feel free to reach me at lucyjpaterson1@gmail.com or check out my instagram!