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There’s no better way to end a day in Madrid than to watch the sun setting over the beautiful sights. In fact, when I moved to Madrid I promised myself that I would “see more sunsets”. From that very first sighting of the burnt oranges and pinks washing across the sky, it was clear that Madrid’s sunsets are something extra special and I made it my mission to check out all the best sunset spots in the city! If you want to experience Madrid’s wonderful sunsets and watch the magic for yourself check out these locations.

  1. Mirador Dehesa de la Villa / Metro line 7 – Francos Rodriguez

This is my number one because it is one of the lesser-known beautiful spots in the city. It is a treasure to locals living around this area and here, you won’t have to compete with fellow tourists for the best viewpoint. There is lots of space and watching the sunset here over Moncloa will be the best end to a casual afternoon stroll through La Dehesa.

  1. Faro de Moncloa / Metro lines 3 and 6 – Moncloa

The Faro de Moncloa is a paid-for attraction and for just 3 Euro general admission it offers spectacular views of the whole of Madrid. The views are especially breathtaking at sunset when you can see the sun dip down behind some of Madrid’s most iconic buildings including, the Almudena Cathedral, The Telefonica Building and the Cuatro Torres Business Area.

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  1. Moncloa Metro / Lines 3 & 6

This secret spot popular with Madrileños means that you don’t need to see the sunset from the top of the observation deck. If you’re scared of heights and in the area, a fantastic place to enjoy Madrid’s Golden Hour is above the Metro Moncloa exit. Here, you can join locals partaking in botellón culture and bring along a couple of drinks to enjoy as the sun sets behind the Arco de la Victoria.

  1. Templo de Debod / Metro Lines 3, 10 – Ventura Rodriguez or Plaza de España

I can’t possibly compile a list of the 10 best sunsets in Madrid and miss out this beauty. The first sunset I saw in Madrid when I moved over in September was here and it is truly such a magical place to enjoy it! The best thing about this place is that there are so many green areas around about and once you’ve watched the sun go down you can retreat to one of the many grassy areas and continue drinking under the moonlight! No trip to Madrid is complete without this experience!

  1. Parque de Berlin / Metro Line 9 – Concha Espina

This park in the Prosperidad barrio is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and early evening just before sunset. There is lots to see when the sun is shining, check out the relics of the Berlin Wall. Then, when the sun starts to set you can find a grassy area to take in the wonderful open views drenched in the evening sun.

  1. Parque Cerro del Tío Pío / Metro Line 1 – Portazgo

This park is known to offer the best views over the whole of Madrid and some argue that there is nowhere better to watch the sunset! Known locally as “The Park of the Seven Boobs” due to the shape of its rolling hills, you won’t struggle to find a comfortable grassy area to sit and savour the sun settling down over Madrid.

  1. Terraza Cibeles / Metro Line 2 – Banco de España

If you’re looking for a more luxurious sunset spotting experience then the Terraza at Cibeles offers beautiful views over Madrid city centre that you can enjoy whilst sipping on a cocktail. The great thing about this spot is that after the sun has gone down you can retreat to the restaurant for your evening meal complete with a view over Madrid.

  1. La Terraza de Oscár / Metro Lines 1 & 5 – Gran Vía or Chueca

When I first started working in Madrid all of my colleagues recommended this place to me. They told me it is a “must-see” Madrid sunset spot and it’s even better in summer when you can enjoy the rooftop pool! However, even in winter, it’s a must as you can keep cosy with the outdoor heaters and a nice cocktail or two. Don’t miss catching the sunset here in the heart of Madrid’s cool Chueca barrio.

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  1. Royal Palace of Madrid / Metro Lines 2 & 5 – Opéra

If you’re being tourist for a day theres no better place to end a daytime tour of Madrid than at Madrid’s Royal Palace. If you time it well you can check out the sun setting by the Palace and enjoy many a photo opportunity! A truly beautiful spot and central enough to nip for a few drinks or dinner once the sun has gone and you’re ready to enjoy the night!

  1. Retiro Park / Metro Line 2 – Retiro

A trip to Madrid isn’t complete without a visit to the breathtaking Retiro Park. A great time to visit here would be mid-afternoon, this gives you the chance to walk around, pay a visit to the Crystal Palace and take one of the boats out on the lake. Once the sun starts to set, head to the monument behind the lake and take a seat and enjoy the sun setting and twinkling over the water. There’s no experience like it in Madrid!