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Top 8 Must-Try Tapas Bars in Granada

I moved to Granada in January of 2017 as part of my Erasmus exchange, over the 5 months following I proceeded to fall in love with this beautiful and charming city in the heart of Andalusia.

Granada is famous for its Moorish architecture, like the stunning Alhambra Palace and also for its proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountains. As well as this, Granada is well-known for having the most delicious tapas in Spain!

Tapas are small plates of appetisers or snacks and most famous in Spanish cuisine. In Granada, tapas are still provided in the traditional way. You order a bebida (drink) and you are served a plate of free (!!) food.

In my 5 months in Granada, I had my fair share of tapas and there were a few bars that I thought served the absolute best tapas and I want to share them all with you!

I hope you enjoy, be warned… you’ll be booking a flight out to Granada ASAP once you realise what you’ve been missing.

Bar Poë

Calle Verónica de la Magdalena, 18002

This place is the ultimate, like so good that by the end of my Erasmus placement in Granada my friends and I would be here about 3 times a week. The food isn’t typical Spanish, rather a mix of cultures and inspired by the whole world. The owners are Matt who is from the UK and Ana Poë who is Angolan and the tapas they serve are inspired by many cultures. Thai, African, Portuguese or Brazil – you have your pick! And each tapa is as good as the other.

All-time favourites:

  • Pollo en salsa Thailandés / Chicken in spicy Thai Sauce
  • Pollo en salsa de coco con polenta / Chicken in a coconut sauce served with polenta
  • Ensalada de Garbanzos / Chickpea Salad
  • Bacalao estilo Portugués / Portuguese style salt cod
Bar Poe tapas bar granada
Chris in Bar Poë enjoying Pork and pineapple skewers, chicken in coconut sauce served with polenta and chicken in spicy thai sauce.

Los Altramuces

Campo del Principe S/N, 18009

A traditional Spanish Tapa Bar in my old neighbourhood of El Realejo. This tapas bar serves typical Spanish tapas that are firm favourites!

  • Patatas Bravas / small fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and aioli
  • Croquettas / potato croquettes filled with Spanish ham and cheese
  • Los Caracoles / snails!! But yummy
Los Altramuces tapas bar granada

La Sitarilla

Calle San Miguel Alta, 7, 18002

A family run tapas bar serving traditional Spanish cuisine. I’d say it’s one of the best tapas bars that serves Spanish cuisine. It’s hidden behind the main shopping area in the city centre of Granada. The bar itself has such a nice feel to it, much like a traditional Spanish tavern, and is always filled to the brim with locals and expats alike!

  • Albóndigas /meatballs – the best
  • El Salmorejo / traditional Spanish cold soup
  • El Filete con patatas fritas / Steak and chips in a sauce
La Sitarilla Tapas Bar Granada

Café Omka

Calle Jardines, 17, 18002

This Moroccan tavern serves some of the best vegetarian and vegan tapas you can get in Granada. Moorish culture flows through Granada and the food is no exception; think Baba Ganoush, Hummus and Falafel and you have some of the greatest Moroccan inspired tapas in Granada. ¡Delicioso! This place has such a cosy, cool atmosphere and you can easily spend hours here sampling all of the dishes and drinking all of the Alhambra beer.

  • Falafel
  • Couscous with vegetables
  • Kebab Shawarma with White sauce
  • Potato stuffed with spinach and cheese (yum)

Casa Lopez

Calle Molinos, 5, 18009

This place is amazing for any expats missing a slice of home. This is another British owned bar and is one of Granada’s “must visit” tapas bars. The tapas on offer here are a bit different to other tapas restaurants in that instead of a set Tapa menu, they offer smaller plates of all their best full size meals. Inspired by popular British dishes with a mediterannean twist they have some amazing options available.

  • Lasagne
  • Steak and Ale pie
  • Meatballs
Casa Lopez tapas bar granada

Bar La Riviera

Calle Cetti Meriem, 7, 18010

The perfect tapas bar for a hungover tapas tour. I say this as the weekend my best friend visited me in Granada we were so hungover we spent about 4 hours here drinking Tinto de Verano and eating the free chicken burgers. Best tapas ever. The tapas are very typical for Spanish tabernas and really good comfort food!

  • Pork Skewer
  • Chicken burger
  • Albóndigas (meatballs)
Bar la Riviera tapas bar granada

Taberna La Tana

Placeta del Agua, 3, 18009

The best wine bar in Granada. My flatmate in Granada took me and my dad here on my first night in Granada and we loved it! So many amazing wine choices, I always go for a red and the bar staff pair each drink with a different tapa that complements it best! It’s amazing. Their Tortilla Española is one of the best I’ve ever had! No tapa recommendations for this one as it really depends on what you’re drinking!

Taberna la Tana granada tapas bar

El Bar de Fede

Calle Marqués de Falces, 18, 18001

This bar is a must for any vegetarians out there. They have a great range of tapas and offer one of the best veg paellas I’ve ever had! My veggie friends loved this place and I did too!

  • Berenjenas con miel (fried aubergines with honey sauce) (omg amazing)
  • Tortilla Española
  • Camembert frito (fried camembert)
El Bar de Fede tapas bar granada

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the best Tapas bars in Granada but they are definitely the bars I would consider “must-try”. They all have such a wide selection of amazing tapas ranging from typical and traditional Spanish to more International tastes! If you are planning a trip to Granada anytime soon make sure you stop in and try the bars listed to sample some of the best!


the top 8 must-try tapas bars in granada - pin this for later!


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    What a great collection. You really your way all around Granada. #TravelBlogTuesday.

    • Hard not to! There are way too many great places. I couldn’t fit them all into 6 months there. I’ll need to do an updated list at some point. Thank you so much for your comment x

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