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3 Key Steps To Start Manifesting Your Dream Life in 2023

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I’ve recently started listening to the audiobook version of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and I’ve been inspired to share some key steps to getting started in manifestation. If you are a regular to my blog you’ll know how much I am obsessed with all things manifestation and Law of Attraction. I am a firm and true believer in everyone’s ability to manifest the things they truly want into their lives. In reading The Secret, it’s become clear that manifesting your dream life comes down to THREE key steps. I wanna share them with you!

Getting started in understanding manifestation and the Law of Attraction shouldn’t be overwhelming. The Law of Attraction is simply a fact of life and it should be easy. There is no need to overcomplicate it, these three steps will help you get there quickly and hopefully soon you should be seeing just how powerful your mind is! Let’s start manifesting your dream life!

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Just like when you go into a restaurant and order your food, manifesting your desires is JUST AS EASY. In the beginning, this is hard to believe and even for myself I still have doubts that it is that easy. But, when you ask and you hold your desire in your mind the Universe will start to bring this desire closer to your reality through frequencies. If you raise your frequency by asking and consistently thinking about your desire – this will raise the frequency and the Universe will rise up to match this frequency and then will begin to bring it to your reality.

The most difficult part about this step is that your intention and what you are asking for has to be crystal clear.

If you need more money, you need to ask for exactly how much you expect (or more! There are no limits!). If you are looking for your true love, you need to ask for exactly the person you want (no names – think qualities etc.)

The clearer you are in your desires, the clearer the universe will be in understanding just what to bring to you! AND the faster they can manifest!!

One thing to keep in mind with the Law of Attraction is that the Universe delivers everything you ask for and works at delivering everything you ask for in the same way. It doesn’t matter if you’ve asked for $1 or $1,000,000 – if you ask for it and you hold this desire in your mind – the universe is working on it!


In order for your desires to start working their way towards you, you need to truly believe they are on their way and you will have them.

Something that I have found incredibly helpful at this stage is to visualise myself with my “asks” in my reality. For example, a few years ago I was looking for a new apartment to live in and after viewing one place I instantly fell in love. I HAD to live in this apartment, so I sat down and closed my eyes and imagined myself putting the key in the door and walking through the hallway. I visualised myself living in this apartment from cooking in the kitchen to waking up in the bedroom. I walked through every room in my mind and this helped me to truly believe this apartment was already mine – there was no way anyone else would be living in my apartment, despite there being at least 15 other people at the viewing. An hour later my phone rang, the agency had accepted my application to lease my apartment. I was delighted but I wasn’t shocked at all – I had created my life at that moment. If I can bring my dream apartment to me what else can I bring into my life?

Visualisation is absolutely key at this stage in the manifestation process. No matter how crazy you might think your “asks” are – if you can truly visualise it in your reality and believe it is already yours, the Universe will bring it to you!

In The Secret, Rhonda Byrne introduces the idea that the Universe is a “mirror” reflecting your thoughts back to you. If you have positive and fulfilling thoughts, the Universe will project these right back to you.

One thing to remember at this stage, don’t worry about the “how”. I didn’t consider “how” my apartment would come to me. I just asked and simply believed it was on its way to me and it was already in my future. You have to release all level of doubt – if you need to know the “how” you are already expressing doubt to the Universe, therefore it will project doubt right back to you by not fulfilling your asks.


For you to begin receiving your desires, you need to feel how you would when you receive them. Remember the mirror? Feel the happiness you would when you receive your asks and the Universe will reflect those feelings right back to you and that is when you will bring your desires into reality!

This is the final step in the proces. It can be considered the most difficult part of manifestation because it can be an opportunity for you to doubt the process and question just how your desires will come to you. You may find yourself searching for signs and for your desires in your reality. Try not to. Be patient, they are coming to you.

At this stage it is most important to just focus on your feelings and hold in your mind the feelings that you will have when you have your desires delivered to you.

To help with this, focus on feelings you have had in the past when you got exactly what you wanted, remember how that felt and imagine that exact feeling when you get what you’ve asked for now.

When you focus on receiving your desires and you feel how you would upon receiving them the sooner the Universe can deliver them to you. Have faith at this stage.

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These are the three key steps you should take to start manifesting your dream life. If you follow these steps, you will begin to receive things in your life that you once thought were beyond possibility. Remember, manifestation is all about believing in all possibilities. You can create the life you want if you can silence doubt and focus on the strength of your mind.


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