Have you ever gotten off a long-haul flight and felt like every drop of moisture has been sucked out of your skin? Oh boy, have I been there! As someone who absolutely loves travelling and visiting new places, I absolutely dread the impact that flying has on my skin. The dry cabin air and sitting in one spot for too long really take a toll on my skin. This means that when I land, my skin is dehydrated, dull and flaky. Flying can even cause some pretty nasty breakouts too! On my last holiday, I’d had enough. I wanted to disembark looking and feeling my best glowy self, ready for all the holiday pics. So, I crafted the ultimate long-haul flight skincare routine to ensure my skin stays plump and hydrated even at 30,000 feet. I want to share this skincare routine with you, so you can start your holiday feeling your best and free from skin concerns! 

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